42 Celebrities When They Were Kids

Have you ever wondered what celebrities looked like long before they became the stars that they are today? Were they cute? angelic? perhaps a little dorky with huge glasses? Well wonder no more! Here’s presenting absolutely delightful pictures of celebrities from their childhood. Enjoy!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Victoria Beckham

Pete Doherty

Joan Collins

Sophie Dahl

Mick Jagger

Kylie Minogue

Ashley Cole

Katie Holmes

John Travolta

Jennifer Aniston

Harrison Ford

Amy Winehouse

Marshall Mathers

Ashton Kutcher

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jennifer Garner

Kate Hudson

Jude Law

Justin Timberlake

Leonardo DiCaprio

Robert De Niro

Janet Jackson

John Lennon


Michael Jackson

Natalia Oreiro

Freddie Mercury

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Tom Cruise

Jodie Foster

Marilyn Monroe

Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love

Marilyn Manson

Marlene Dietrich

Edith Piaf

Ronaldo Lus Nazrio de Lima


Drew Barrymore

Kate Winslet


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